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The Levy and Leadership: Investing in Managers Through Apprenticeships

During the summer we were excited to take part in an interview with about the Levy and how it can help businesses realise their potential.

Being an expert on the new 'Trailblazer' Apprenticeships and the Levy, our Project Director, Nick Horan, explains the benefits of using the Levy and just how important it is for all businesses to invest in their people and develop their leadership talent.

Click here to see what Nick said!

Interestingly, research carried out by the ILM suggests that only 23% of employees surveyed would be 'very likely' to recommend their company's overall leadership. Our aim is to improve figures such this through creating lasting relationships and delivering quality assured programmes.

The new ILM Leadership and Management Apprenticeships are developed by employers themselves, making them the most comprehensive and focused programmes available. This means that employees will not only develop new skills and ideas during the course of the programme, they will most importantly be able to apply their learning back to their job, creating a more confident and innovative work force to drive future success.

In another survey 40% of respondents identified that a 'toxic work environment' and lack of recognition (35%) as the main reasons for wanting to leave their job.[1]

Investing in existing employees with a growth-mindset will undoubtedly boost both morale and overall performance. It shows that they are valued in their organisation, which in turn will improve loyalty, create new incentives and increase productivity.

The need to look after and invest in leadership talent has never been more apparent.

Choose Square Mile Leadership to develop your Leadership and Management talent today - before someone else does!

Compiled by Ione Asher 15/09/2017

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