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The InstLM badge of approval ensures that you are provided with development that has:

     been approved by the InstLM

     provides pragmatic and work based assessment that       is focused on behaviour

     up to date thinking incorporated in the development

     high quality support materials including tools to use       in the workplace

     24/7 support for all learners

     access to the InstLM learning platform for                       additional support


All programmes are subject to the InstLM quality standards which include leadership dimensions: 

Vision – Authenticity – Collaboration

 Achievement – Ownership


We design the programmes to meet your needs, not to meet a national standard; this means the programme is relevant and focused on driving real change through the organisation.

Challenging, yet Supportive

Our experienced team of trainers know when to support and when to challenge, providing a unique and safe learning environment.

Meet Our Team 

 - Experienced and Exceptional

Our dynamic team share many qualities. They are experienced consultants, trainers, coaches and facilitators. They share a passion to understand the requirements of each client and develop valuable relationships with each learner, knowing when to support and when to challenge, providing a unique and safe learning environment. We seek to catch our learners in, raising their confidence, awareness and insight of themselves and of those around them - and to apply new skills, knowledge and behaviours in the world they are in.

We Believe Developing People Matter™

And as well as making learning fun, engaging and relevant we then assess and support our clients and learners through every action, project or assignment agreed in our relationship with you. 

We deliver interactive, experiential and innovative learning interventions; realising demonstrable results for the organisation and your people.

Developing and embedding new skills, raising confidence and professional standards, we focus on turning learning into positive actions and rewarding outcomes.

We are Very Good at what We Do... and 'Making Learning Stick'!

A Learning Delivery Catalyst for Success 





|  offering tools and techniques to use in the real world

|  on the skills required to motivate, inspire and perform


|  for business and personal growth

Working with You...

Needs Analysis

We will work with you to identify your key requirements and the measurable changes that need to take place for your organisation to move forward and grow.

Content Design

Once the programme design is agreed, we will then produce content that matches the organisational culture and style, taking into account the INSTLM validation if chosen.


All assessments are designed around the organisational need for change, making all assessments high value for your organisation and learners. 

Programme Design

We then produce an overview in the form of a schematic showing top line events and programme flow for you to consider and for internal promotion.


We are happy to present to the board, line managers and learners to create and agree the most aligned, understood and valuable programme possible.


Flexible delivery ensures you can still deliver 'business as usual' asnd our team will ensure total integration across all aspects of the programme.

Certification (if included)

All successful learners will receive an InstLM certificate together with an offer of membership of the InstLM

Practical Focused Results Driven Changin
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