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Profiling Tools 

A Starting Point for Making Change Happen

"Change Your Thoughts and You Change Your World"

Norman V Peale

Whether used for leadership, coaching or personal development, these simple but effective on-line tools help personnel better understand how to get the most from themselves and their team. They explore qualities on communication styles, leadership styles and areas for individual and team motivation and development.


from £45 + vat per person

DISC Personality Profiling 

Discover your key personality traits and professional work style

Gain an insight into how you respond to conflict, stress and problem-solving at work

Understand your team members and how to manage them more effectively

DISC more.jpg

DISC training includes workshops for awareness of self, communication skills and emotional intelligence, leadership, coaching, team building, presentation and sales skills, and recruitment needs.

DISC Behavioural Attitudes Index (BAI) enable us to see the hidden motivators that influence the way we think and act.

from £45 + vat per person

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from £30 + vat per person

Motivational Insights™

Understand what makes you tick

Learn to manage, measure and maximise your motivation to achieve better results 

Recognise the motivations in others and learn how to manage them

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“In a World where ‘Event + Reaction = Outcome’
for a Better Outcome, React Differently!” 

 Nick Horan

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