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Champions or Champignons? Developing Champion Leaders Not Mushroom Managers

Untrained, reluctant and accidental managers are often deemed to be in need of three key management ingredients; confidence, awareness and people insight.

Or is it the right training, development, support and information they need?

If not, are they in danger of becoming a new crop of Mushroom Managers?

Mushroom Management, also known as Pseudo-Analysis or Blind Development, is a term used to mockingly refer to a way of running a company where the communication channels between the managers and the employees do not work properly.

"Keeping your managers in the dark and feeding them rubbish."

Mushroom management is a style of management in which the personnel are not familiar with the ideas or the general state of the company, and are given work without knowing the purpose of this work.

Mushroom management means that workers' curiosity and self-expression are not supported. The employees often have no idea what the company's overall situation is, because the leaders tend to make all the decisions on their own, without asking anyone else to give their opinion.

This problem can occur when the manager does not understand the team' work (e.g. in a programming company) and therefore cannot communicate effectively with his or her team.

Developing Champion Leaders Not Mushroom Managers

Many economic and organisational issues – around skills gaps, productivity problems and poor performance – can be transformed by quality leadership. Skilled leaders offer teams the vision, motivation and cultural environment in which to perform, driving organisational and national competitiveness.

ILM Manifesto -

A little training goes a long way. By having a clear focus on developing core leadership skills, such as communication and teamwork, a future-proofed business can be built – with a pipeline of skilled, empowered and loyal leaders.

Compiled by Nick Horan 4/2/2017

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