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Institute of Leadership  Management Appr

Catalyst and Our Partnership with the

Institute of Leadership and Management

Facilitation, Training, Coaching, and Accreditation at its Best


'If you have a vision,

do something with it'
                                                             Anthony D'Angelo

'Flexible, Tailored, Affordable and Measurable...

Workshops and Programmes - 'Face to Face' and On-Line'

As an approved InstLM centre, we can design and deliver programmes that are totally unique to you. 

Through the Institute of Leadership and Management we deliver flexible, internationally recognised qualifications in leadership, management and coaching at all levels.  We believe our partnership best matches the dynamic and individual requirements of each sector and organisation we work with, delivering the most effective and efficient programmes available today, in a world so heavily influenced by Covid-19.

We believe that the best skilled leaders deliver business success through their people. They know that the right people, properly trained and motivated, deliver the effort required for success. And they keep their best people longer.

Our role is to develop your people to be the best that they can be for the benefit of themselves, their colleagues, their organisation and their clients/customers. This is what we do, and what we have been delivering since 1988

Leadership and Management
(all levels, all outcomes)

Performance Coaching and Mentoring

Proven Benefits to Managers
    93% improved overall performance
    90% improved communication skills
    90% improved motivation of their teams 

Client Relationship Management

Communication Skills and Motivations 

Customer Service and Resolving Conflict

Making Projects Happen

My Personal Brand and Presentation Skills

including Pitching

Sales Dynamics and Negotiation

Team Building and Managing Performance

Proven Benefits to Organisations
    31% – 51% greater retention of good staff
    18% greater productivity
    12% more profitable 

The InstLM badge of approval ensures that you are provided with development that has:

     been approved by the InstLM

     provides pragmatic and work based assessment that       is focused on behaviour

     up to date thinking incorporated in the development

     high quality support materials including tools to use       in the workplace

     24/7 support for all learners

     access to the InstLM learning platform for                       additional support


All programmes are subject to the InstLM quality standards which include leadership dimensions: 

Vision – Authenticity – Collaboration

 Achievement – Ownership


We design the programmes to meet your needs, not to meet a national standard; this means the programme is relevant and focused on driving real change through the organisation.

Challenging, yet Supportive

Our experienced team of trainers know when to support and when to challenge, providing a unique and safe learning environment.

'Inspiring Professional Standards of Learning and Development;

Practical | Focused | Results-Driven

Maximising Individual and Organisational Performance'

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