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Level 3 Recruitment Consultant

This qualification is suitable for all individuals wishing to develop their knowledge, skills, and behaviour to become a successful Recruitment Consultant. Invest in your career and gain professional credibility with an industry-recognised qualification from the Institute of Recruitment Professionals.

The REC-IRP Level 3 Recruitment Consultant Qualification is ideal for new and potential recruiters: this qualification will help to increase your personal effectiveness by providing practical and directed learning that will add value to the service you provide to clients and candidates.


Recruitment is a dynamic, fast-paced and highly competitive industry which can offer exciting career opportunities to the right candidates. People who are keen to learn and have the right personal attributes will always be welcomed into recruitment.



Benefits for Learners and Employers

  • 'Earn while you learn'

  • Great opportunities for progression - 1/4 (23%) of former apprenticeships received a promotion within 12 months!

  • Automatically become a real member of the IRP with access to benefits including professional recognition (AIRP)

  • Attract new talent with the prospect of achieving an IRP Qualification

  • Invest in existing talent and refine their skills to become successful Recruitment Consultants

The Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Recruitment Consultancy consists of the following components:


  • Level 3 Certificate in Recruitment Practice


  • Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Recruitment 


  • Learners must be able to prove competence in Functional Skills to Level 2 in English and Maths before they reach End Point Assessment. 

End Point Assessment 

In order to proceed to End Point Assessment, learners must have completed both mandatory qualifications as stated above, over the course of 12 - 18 months. 

Once the employer and training provider agree that the apprentice has met the minimum requirements of knowledge, skills and behaviours contained in the Standard, the apprentice will move on to the End Point Assessment.

The EPA is synoptic and takes place after the apprentice has completed their on-programme learning and development. The EPA will be provided by an independent EPAO who will have 100% accountability for the formal assessment of the apprentice and the graded decision.

The EPA is structured into two distinct parts:

  • Project Assignment 

  • Professional Discussion 

Certificate (Knowledge)                                                                                                                           

RECTC 3-1: Understanding Sales for Recruitment                                                            

RECTC 3-2: Understanding Legal and Ethical Requirements in Recruitment              

RECTC 3-3: Understanding Relationship Management in Recruitment                        

RECTC 3-4: Understanding Recruitment Operations                                                        

RECTC 3-5: Understanding the Recruitment Market                                                        

RECTC 3-6: Understanding the Principles of Assessing People                                     

NVQ (Skills)

9 Mandatory Units   (Group A)                                                                                                       

REC 3-2: Identify Client Recruitment Requirements 

REC 3-4: Pre-select Candidates

REC 3-5: Assess Candidates

REC 3-6: Match and Present Candidates to Employers

REC 3-8: Attract Potential Candidates

REC 3-9: Brief and Support Candidates

REC 3-10: Carry out Candidate Briefing

REC 2-1: Administer Recruitment Processes

D1: Develop Working Relationships with Colleagues

Optional   (Group B)                                                                                                                            

REC 3-1: Advise Clients on Operational Recruitment Planning

REC 3-3: Develop Resourcing Plan for Recruitment Services

REC 3-7: Sustain Customer-focused Relationships with Clients

REC 3-11: Co-ordinate Flexible Workers

MK 3-1: Analyse Competitor Activity

MK 3-2: Conduct Market Research

SAL 3-1: Negotiating, Handling Objections and Closing Sales

SAL 3-4: Buyer behaviour in sales situations

SAL 3-7: Preparing and Delivering a Sales Presentation

SAL 4-3: Developing Sales Proposals                   (Level 4 Unit)

A3: Develop, Maintain and Review Personal Networks     (Level 4 Unit)






























Key Responsibilities of a Recruitment Consultant:

  • Use a variety of tools in order to find and secure candidates that are most suitable for opportunities in line with your clients' specific requirements and business needs

  • Screen and interview candidates prior to them meeting a client and help prepare them for success - and ultimately your own  

  • Build strong, positive relationships with both clients and candidates to provide ongoing support to help with their next move/hire

  • Maintain a spotless reputation by demonstrating consistent care and commitment to customer satisfaction and adhering to industry codes of ethics and legislation   

  • Develop your confidence and knowledge of the current job market, negotiations, interviews, wages, cvs etc. and encourage best practice among your team

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