Horanics - positive thoughts for the developing mind

Horanics is a collection of positive thoughts that is offered to motivate, inspire and share wisdom.

The story of Horanics

As a child my teacher asked me to draw an alien from space - I drew what looked like an early relation to a 'Pac-man' and called it a Horanic.  My teacher was unimpressed and said it was a poor effort.  


Creativity suppressed, my next lesson was Classical studies - "What do you know of the Minoans, Horan?" bellowed Mr Brown. After a short pause; and being part Greek I replied, "I think I have broad shoulders and a slim waist like the Minoans." Mr Brown responded, "The trouble with you Horan is that you think too much."


So, in the space of two lessons I was both creatively stunted and asked not to think - it's amazing what school can teach you!


Undaunted, I resolved to use the name 'Horanics' again one day - and what finer description could there be for what Horanics means to me now; 'Positive thoughts for the developing mind'